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Early Super Bowl LVI Prediction

Closing in on the home stretch of another mind-boggling NFL season, while hopeless underdogs continue to live by the saying “Any Given Sunday,” the powerhouses of the league begin their playoff push as the #1 seeds in both the AFC and NFC are still up for grabs! Just as there seem to be two teams at the top, they fall short the following week and leave the door open for somebody else to walk through. While it seems as if every team has had at least one embarrassing loss this season, the two juggernauts I would put my money on have had arguably the most consistent seasons out of anyone.

Beginning with the American Football Conference (AFC), many analysts and former NFL greats counted this team out very early on in the year. Despite a shaky, inconsistent start that had people jumping off the bandwagon, this team is on a seven-game win streak and sits atop the AFC at (10-4). Believe it or not, but the Kansas City Chiefs have managed to fly under everyone’s radar this year as they find themselves in a position to steal home field advantage throughout the playoffs despite an atrociously bad start to the season.

Kansas City looks to make their third Super Bowl appearance in as many years and QB Patrick Mahomes II is seemingly having an “off year” with 30 touchdowns and over 4,000 yards through 14 games. To make matters worse for opposing teams, Kansas City’s defense throughout the years has proven to be their Achilles heel, yet this season they sit in the top 10 at nearly every defensive statistic whether that be PA, PA/G, YDS/G, or even FUMR. Ultimately, with Pro-Bowlers Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce getting better by the week as they put up video game-like numbers, do not be surprised if Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs run it back once again.

Moving on to the National Football Conference (NFC), this team was unsure they would even have their QB by the time the season started! This team suffered a tough road loss on opening Sunday but instantly turned their season around as they went on a seven-game winning streak, including a season-changing 24-21 road victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 8, who were undefeated at the time. The controversialist himself, Aaron Rodgers, led my NFC Super Bowl LVI pick Green Bay Packers down to Arizona and shocked the world without his top three wide receivers, tight end Robert Tonyan, and his top two offensive linemen.

The Green Bay Packers, my pick to WIN Super Bowl LVI, will have the privilege of playing on “The Frozen Tundra” throughout the playoffs if they simply win their final three games of the regular season. Disregarding QB Aaron Rodgers’ off the field health issues, as he most likely continues his scientific work with self-proclaimed COVID-19 and Omicron expert Joe Rogan, the future Hall of Famer looks to win his third MVP which would make it back-to-back for the hippie himself. In all seriousness, Rodgers is playing at an all-time high and WR Davante Adams is still the best in the NFL, so considering the possibility that this may be Rodgers’ last hoorah in Green Bay, there is no better time to get back to the Super Bowl than now.

Super Bowl LVI Score Prediction: Packers 27, Chiefs 20

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